Racing for Pinks

Kingsman Casino

Fast and more than furious, Racing for Pinks, is the hot rod slot machine that takes competitive gaming to another level, rewarding players with the spoils of race track fun.

Are you fast enough, bold enough, and brash enough, to push your gaming and racing skills to the limit?

Set in a stadium styled background, with adrenalin producing soundtracks, Racing for Pinks reels are full of racers, nitrous boosting systems, and chequered flags. A pumping club mix of music and sound, and the promise of cash heavy prizes will also have you playing on the edge, and racing for the finish line.

There is no cutting corners in this race for cash! Big money is generated from 243 different routes to winning combinations, and players are paid horse power for horse power for consecutive symbol appearances. Two bonus symbols and Wilds bring prize producing chequered flags too.

Land on two free spin scatters and you’re sped over to a second set of reels, where up to 30 free spins and a 5 times multiplier may be waiting. Take another lap around the big money bonus round, land on two more scatters, and more spins come racing at you! Drive carefully, but boldly, there is 150,000 coins on the line!

Get invited into the second screen game, and you get to go toe to toe against some other growling street racers. Can you beat these die-hard gas baggers? Move on to still another level, where the Grant Prize is 175 times your bet, and you’ll be charging toward victory again!

Push you petal to the metal, stay on the track, and win. The risk is worth it. Wave your Pink, and take home some green in Racing for the Pinks right now!

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