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Ragnarok Online Slot “The Fall of Odin”


The origins of Ragnarok Online Slot go back as far as the first Norseman looking up into the starry heavens from a North Sea fiord, trying to explain the universe to his children. His children are asking “Why are there gods? Are they like us? Where are they today? “ And the Norseman begins to tell them.

The tale becomes so compelling, and his children ask for it so often, our Viking father takes the story to his friends, and then to “Gudme Kongehal,” the “Kings Hall,” or the mead house. There among his mighty friends he repeats the beginning stories, and night after night works his way to the final fates of the Norse gods. Unwittingly the Norseman winds up producing an incredibly entertaining line of mythology that will survive the test of time for centuries.

From the shores of the North Sea, his children are introduced to the names of their gods; Borr, the father of Odin; and Odin the “All Father,” and his sons Thor and Loki. Then in the mead house the stories evolve from creation to world dominance, and divine family feuds. Eventually our story teller introduces Ragnarok, “The Fall of the Gods,” and how the demise of the divine effects their lives and future events.

Over the centuries these tales work their way into world literature, and inspire motion pictures, and the movies more books, and recently the books and movies inspire graphic comic books. In the last 20 years the tales and the different modes of literature inspire modern generations enough to create video games behind the legends, and even digital gaming platforms.

Thus today we have the online slot game “Ragnarok online slot, Fall of Odin,” produced by Genesis Gaming, Inc.

In the Ragnarok online slot game the story is told in the reels, and bonus levels, and in the quest for fortunes, as the gods line up and fall, one by one. While participating with the reels, it seems the gods themselves determine the “random” fate of the each player.

One can feel the hand of the gods of the Norseman in the 5 reel, 25 slot game, with “graduate features.” Odin, even while he is falling is looking for loyal players, and there are “player loyalty” components tied in to his game. New features are constantly available be unlocked as gamers collect magic runes from the spinning reels.

Maybe our Norse father would be proud to see his tales still being shared throughout the centuries, and prouder still that his tales have evolved from verbal tellings to text, and from text to big screen adaptation, and from motion pictures to even more creative digital venues. Maybe he would be glad to see that his children, and their children’s children, loved his stories well enough to tell them over and over again, and to keep and improve upon them thousands of years away from their first telling on the fiord.

Playing Ragnarok online slot, The Fall of Odin

Ragnarok, “The Fate of the Gods,” is now a video slot game, proudly featured in the Kingsman Casino. Five reels and 25 lines of expertly crafted realistic graphics in an impressive royal color scheme, introduce players to the faces of the gods and warriors with every spin of the reels. If the gods so will it, great prizes are awarded to their favorite gamers.

In the game, it’s the end of days, and Odin, the “All Father,” and son Thor, and Freyr, the god of fertility, must fight off demons and monsters that threaten their world and rule, or die in the fight. Depending upon the whim of the reels it could be the end of the Norse gods and the Cosmos, or a beginning of a fun and profitable day of play for those who choose to enjoy the game and join in Odin’s fight.

Full of the symbols of Norse culture and myths Ragnarok online slot is also full of bonus screens, and even includes a “player loyalty” component. Higher levels of the game play are unlocked as gamers collect tokens, or magic runes, that unlock these different playing levels.

Level One features Thor battling the great worm Jormungandr, and offers free spins and multipliers. Level Two ups the number of spins and multipliers, and during Level Three Jormungandr thrashes the reels, adding Wilds to the game and free spins.

On the next set of levels Freyr fights the fire giant Surtr, while players target the giant to reveal prizes or multipliers. The next feature shows the fight between Odin and the wolf Fenrir, and transitions the game into the heat of the battle. Rune symbols abound of every level, and players are constantly being prompted to take runes and replace the magic stones that have fallen from the reel window.

Ragnarok Online Slot, Fall of Odin, maybe just the game you need to play to make your universe safe again from the giants pursuing your gods.

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