Star Dust

Kingsman Casino

Star Dust is a new desktop slot game from Microgaming.


It is an action-packed out-of-this-world slot game! Here you have machine from outer space, a machine in which you can find rare stardust combinations and make your fortune.

Go ahead and spin the star combiner and land on an unlimited star combination of the universe. You may land on a dead galaxy with nothing to offer to mankind, but with a little luck you will land on the second Milky Way! If you land on one of these galaxies, you will pretty much be able to buy your own spaceship, because after a couple of wins you will be able to afford it, thanks to the generous “Star Dust” reward, which can go up to 100,000 coins!

When you are within the combiner you can witness many extra ordinary things. You can see gems from other planets, Star Dust flying around and you may even see other galaxies! Just turn on up the volume to listen to its vibrant music and start spinning. Star Dust mobile slot game will leave you drifting into space with its relaxing music, yet if you are to make a winning spin the music will jolt you back to life.

If you combine enough stars, you might notice some of the galaxies suck up some of the diamonds. If you come across this 10 times you will be rewarded with 10 free spins, in which you have a feature called “Radiant Respins”. During radiant respins if you like the first 3 parts of your star combination, you can respin the last 2 parts to get a better win!

Star Dust brings you a beautiful vision that no ordinary human can experience, while giving you the chance to become an unordinary person! With a shower of stars on every spin it would be hard not to like its visuals, just like how it would be hard not to like your future when you have the chance of being rich with Star Dust!

Its time for you to turn off the lights and turn on Star Dust online slot and witness the beauty of the universe! Find the right star combinations, pass through galaxies and experience the life people dream about. Go and play Star Dust now!

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