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It’s 2400 and everyone has a spaceship – Starmania!

The question is, what are you going to use it for? If the answer is to make money Starmania is the way to go! Starmania is a galaxy for you to escape to and blow up the stars, so you can come back to earth, sell the stardust and line your pockets.

How Starmania works:

In the Starmania Slot Galaxy, stars are formed in the shape of a box, 3 by 5, which means there are 15 stars in a pile. The only way for you to blow up those stars and collect the star dust is if they are in some sort of form. The star dust rules of the universe, article 5, states that “There are 10 paylines in a star pile” so you can only blow up the stars if they meet the 10 payline system. Yes, the paylines are not much, but back on earth, the Starmania stars pay double, so you get twice the reward!

The only exception to article 5, is when there are Wild Stars. These stars are already about to blow up and when they do, they blow up some other stars with them. So if you land next to one of them get ready to win a great bounty to take home!

And finally, there are the Scatters, that you can come across from time-to-time. These are weird stars that you don’t see very often, but on earth, your government is really interested in those scatters. So they say that if you get 3 of them in one pile, they will give you 10 free trips to the Starmania galaxy. If you were to land on 3 more scatters during these 10 trips, you get 10 more trips! In addition to this, when the government sends you to the Starmania slot galaxy, they will send you to the more special parts of it – where there are 30 more wild stars, so there is even more chance of you coming across them!

Finally since its 2400, everything is more evolved. Music has transcended from what you know it to be and now the music you listen to in your spaceship is a heavenly sound. The Starmania galaxy is so pretty that when you look away from the stars and into the depth of the universe, for a second, you will never want to look anywhere else.

So, get on your spaceship and fly to the Starmania slot galaxy, everything you have been looking for is waiting for you there!

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