Super Bonus Bingo

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Ruby Super Bonus Bingo by Microgaming


Super Bonus Bingo screen might feel a little old school, but the contrast is great and the white balls stand out against the dark blue, making it easy to see exactly what is going on. There is a tube at the bottom through which the 20 balls are randomly selected, by the software, then seen and compared. Your bet can be increased or decreased using + or . Apart from that there is an option for turbo too; so you can save time while selecting balls.

Game Play

You need to click between 2 to 10 balls. There are a total of 80 bingo balls numbered from one to eighty. No matter how many balls you click, twenty balls are drawn at random. These balls can be seen in the tube at the bottom of the game and will appear on your screen.

Coming to the winning part – how exactly can you win at Ruby Super Bonus Bingo? It’s pretty easy. It’s important here to note that the fewer balls you choose initially, the higher your payout will be if you happen to be right. For instance, if you play with four balls and you have them all four correct, this gives you 62 times your bet. If you play with ten balls and you have get four correct, then you only get three times of your stakes back. So try and be picky on how you play Ruby Super Bonus Bingo.

A little bit on the betting now! In Ruby Super Bonus Bingo betting starts at 0.5. It moves on to 0.10, 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 and maxes out at whatever you are comfortable with. Depending on the number of balls you select, a card lights up automatically corresponding to what you have selected, so you can immediately see the relationship between winning and your selection.

Apart from all this there is also a bonus game, without which, of course, the bingo would be incomplete. The wins shown in white give the player an option to play the bonus game – when you activate the bonus game, two extra balls are drawn. This is done to increase your chances of winning.


In short, Ruby Super Bonus Bingo has definitely developed some interesting options. These can really work out to a win for you through a little bit of luck and a bit of thought. Time to test your luck?!

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