Taco Brothers Saving Xmas

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Taco Brothers Saving Christmas


With the Christmas holiday in danger it is the Taco Brothers to the rescue in the unique online slot machine game appropriately called Taco Brothers Saving Christmas. Taco Brothers Saving Christmas slot game takes place in Mexico, where the village the Taco Brothers live in, is experiencing snow. The houses in the village are decorated for the Christmas holiday and its residents are wrapping gifts of tacos for their loved ones.

The evil Captain Diaz is on a mission to steal everyone’s tacos and the Taco Brothers are on a mission to prevent him from being able to do so. Each of the brothers are the three main symbols found on the reels and serve as wild symbols that can trigger free re-spins for lucky players. There are also safe symbols in this game and getting three of them on the reels after a single spin triggers the bonus game called Wild Escape.

In Wild Escape each brother falls onto the fifth reel on the game screen. Every time the reels are spun he moves from one reel to the next. Along the way the symbols of the three brothers replace all the other symbols on the reels with the exceptions of Captain Diaz and his daughter, Senorita. This bonus game ends when all three brothers walk away from the reels.

While the three brothers’ symbols are on the reels there is always a chance that the Captain Diaz symbol could come along and imprison them one at a time. In the event he successfully imprisons all three of them the bonus round automatically ends. The Senorita symbol has the ability to free all three brothers from their imprisonment. Senorita also acts as a running wild, meaning she can reward players with free spins.

As good battles evil in this pc & mobile slot game, players will find themselves doing their best to see that all three brothers make it to safety and that Captain Diaz is stopped from being able to steal the tacos of all the villagers. Taco Brothers Saving Christmas slot game shows the true spirit of Christmas that the brothers show by trying to right Captain Diaz’s wrongdoings.

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