Taco Brothers

Kingsman Casino

Hey! How about a vacation in Mexico, Taco Brothers style?


Well with up to 150,000 payout from Taco Brothers, you don’t just have to play with Paso, Pepe, and Pico – you can pretty much go and see them in Mexico.

Taco Brothers serves you up the most visually appealing slot game I’ve seen in a while, so even if you don’t actually make it to Mexico, the animations of Pepe, Paso and Pico will keep you spinning. Well, I don’t want to spoil anything, but the animations are just as entertaining as Playa de Carmen! In addition to the amazing graphics, the music sets you up for fiesta on your keyboard, or mobile.

Taco Brothers is a story driven slot game, based on the lives of Pepe, Pico, and Paso and playing this game is going to get you up close and personal. You will embark on an adventure through their lives and after a few spins, and a couple of Wild Escape Bonus games, you’ll wish that the Taco Brothers could bring back the tacos that the evil Captain Diaz stole, and make everyone, as happy as you! The Wild Escape bonus games give crazy payouts! To get to the Wild Escape bonus game, you need to get all 3 Safes in 1 spin.

How the Wild Escape bonus game works:

After entering the Wild Escape bonus game, you will interact with each brother one by one. They will fall from reel 5 and go left with each spin. OH! IN WILD ESCAPE BONUS GAME – EVERY SPIN IS FOR FREE! As the Taco Brothers ‘go left’, they will act as “Wild” symbols,  which will bring you good payouts. There are a couple more things though. As the brothers are going left, they can start over if a beautiful señorita falls to a reel, so you get more spins with that brother; but if the evil captain Diaz comes from the reels, he will lock that brother up instantly; ending his run. Luckily there are 3 brothers, so you can do it 3 times!

Finally, the Taco Brothers slot game is for all players. If you are new and are unsure how you can change your bet according to your spins/bets, the Taco Brothers slot gives you the option to automatically set betting strategies!

The Features:

  • Jumper: The bet level will increase after winning each round. Resets on a lose.
  • Leveler: Bet level will increase 2 steps for each 5 losing rounds. Resets on a win.
  • Booster: The bet will increase a step for each losing round. Resets on a win.

With a great storyline that keeps the player focused on having fun, and betting strategies that practically bring home the wins, it is hard to see a reason not to play the Taco Brothers slot. Anyways, I’m off to Mexico to meet with my Bros’, see you there!

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