Theatre of Night

Kingsman Casino

Theatre of Night Slot Machine


Theatre of Night is a fairytale-type online slot machine game. The background of the slot game features a flowing river, dancing flowers, a brightly lit moon, neon colored mushrooms and many trees. With transparent reels, the symbols appear to be floating. These symbols include fireflies, hummingbirds and wild flowers. The wild symbol is the most colorful players will see on the reels.

When players get five of the wild symbol on the reels after a single spin they win the highest non-jackpot prize in the game as well as free spins. With wild symbols on the second, third and fourth reels players will experience the firefly re-spins. Six re-spins are then presented to players. During all six spins the reel in the middle of the screen transforms into all wilds. The combination of a reel full of wilds and five matching symbols players win the game’s highest jackpot.

While it may be fairly simple, Theatre of Night has many compelling selling points to attract players. Its free spins and generous cash prizes make it a great choice for players who are looking to maximize their excitement. However, the game can also be relaxing thanks to the calming background that gives players a sense of inner peace. The slot game is one that can be learned quickly and is not hard to follow. Whether players are drawn to it to add some excitement to their life or to have a relaxing gaming experience, Theatre of Night is a great choice.

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