Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune

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NetEnt’s Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Slot a PC & Mobile Slot Game – Out Now!


Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is one of the latest slot offerings by NetEnt so far – what a slot game! This time NetEnt has made a slot game so perfect in terms of the amount of bonuses and wild cards on offer. Moreover they have also decided to release the mobile version along with the desktop version, so that the smartphone/tablet generation doesn’t have to miss out on the slot action.

Game Play

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune is thematically sound. All of its HD characters have been thought out extremely well, as have the graphics and soundtrack. It’s a 5 reel, 3 rows, 50 paylines slot which is fairly reasonable in the sense that 50 paylines give you an excellent chance to win. The background is just like that of a fair ground, with a merry-go-round and rollercoasters riding in the back. The cheery soundtrack adds to all these features.

Theme Park Tickets of Fortune gameplay is the same as that of the earlier NetEnt slots. Set the coin value, maximum bet and the no. of coins per line and you are good to go. The coin value ranges from 0.25 to 250 and there are 10 betting levels. If you want to enable the Autoplay, you can do that too.

Bonus Feaatures

Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Slot has loads of bonus features which are relevant to it being a ‘Theme Park’. It really is a theme park when it comes to all the bonus rides. Let us go through the features. It all starts with the stacked wilds. The wild symbol is actually a roller coaster car with little guys. When they stack together on a single reel it is the wilds stacking. Next come the Claws! It may sound like the Wolverine, but it’s totally different – this is the claw that you play on at the theme park when you want to grab a toy below with a great giant, metal claw. On the appearance of the claw on the reel, it reaches out and grabs a prize from the side screen. Some pretty great animation from the developers!

The golden ticket is a scatter symbol and 3 such symbols trigger the Wheel of Fortune which lands the player in to choosing one of the 6 bonus features, which are as follows:

  1. Duck Shoot: 5 duck shots (just like in a fair) result in cash prizes. It comes with an incremental multiplier.
  2. Ski ball: just like a golf course it involves throwing a ball into various holes. It has a multiplier going up to 20x.
  3. Sledge hammer: Again one of the theme park novelties. The harder you hit the higher the scale goes and hits the bell at top. It has got cash prizes.
  4. Punching Bag: It is more or less the same as Sledge hammer.
  5. Can Tower: Throw a ball and knock the cans off. Greater the cans, greater you win.
  6. Fishing: Hooking the fish wins cash prizes.


NetEnt has hit Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune Slot with so much that this is a slot game that can keep you playing for hours. The wins to be had in the bonus rounds and the features are simply stunning – take a trip back in time and get your coins together to experience all the fun of the fair!

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