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With an animated desert theme, Turning Totems is a unique slot machine game. It opens with a cloudy scene that features the North American desert. In the clip, clouds sweep through the desert and disappear so that players have a view of the settlements and rock formations in the background. Players then see a close up of one of the rock formations along with a Native American boy standing next to five totem poles. These poles are used as the reels for the symbols.

Along the top of all five totem poles sits a character that strongly resembles a monkey. Birds are flying overhead and chirping as well. When players spin the reels the five totem poles switch positions. Players will hear the wind roaring when the reels are spun.

Turning Totems Gameplay

Turning Totems is not a typical slot machine game with typical symbols and pay lines. Players win money anytime that at least six matching symbols land on the reels after a spin. While most of the symbols used in the game come together to form winning combinations there are four brown colored symbols that never result in a win. Though there is no scatter symbol in the game, there is a wild symbol that is represented by a snake.

When players get six of the snake symbol on the reels at once it triggers the bonus feature. As it begins the Native American boy runs to the top of a slope and comes upon five brand new totem poles/reels. A group of multipliers are seen in front of them. The beginning of the bonus game also changes the weather and transports it from a bright, sunny day to a day filled with lightning and rain.

Players get 12 spins for free and can always earn more free spins during this feature. Every time a re-spin is triggered players get multipliers of increasing values. This bonus round does not end until players get what is called a “winfinity” spin. As a result, the reels continue to spin until a winning combination of symbols is achieved.

Turning Totems Summary

A great alternative to the standard, garden variety slot machine game, Turning Totems attracts players who enjoy its out of the box gameplay. This game provides a nice break from the online slot machines that are simply carbon copies of others. With charming graphics and realistic sound effects the game stands out from the competition.

Why not take a test drive by playing for free, no deposit required? All you have to do is click on the demo button when you hover over the game. It is available to play on your iphone, smartphone, ipad, tablets and all mobile devices too!

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