When Pigs Fly Slot

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When Pigs Fly a New PC & Mobile Tounch Slot Game by NetEnt


When Pigs Fly Slot is one of the latest slot games released by NetEnt. It’s a game with a distinctly cartoon feel to it and it’s about pigs flying in space. NetEnt has also released the mobile version, so you can play When Pigs Fly Slot anywhere you want to, by just flipping out your smartphone, mobile or tablet and logging in.

The settings of When Pigs Fly are pretty out of this world and with a great soundtrack to boot. When Pigs Fly Slot features 5 rows, 3 reels and there are many ways in which you can take home a win – 3125 to be exact!

Game Play

There are many symbols in When Pigs Fly slot, including, as you would imagine, Pigs, Wilds, Spaceships, Helmets and playing card values, as well the main When Pigs Fly symbol. When Pigs Fly features 10 levels, each of which requires 50 coins. Before the start of the game, the player needs to set the values of the coin. When Pigs Fly can be played from 0.5 pounds per spin to a 100 pounds bet per spin.

When Pigs Fly has different features, which include the bonus features and features where the free spins are awarded.

The wild symbol is that of a bedazzled ‘WILD’ written in pink font, which in itself is interesting. The wild symbols appear on reels number 2, 3, 4 and 5 during normal as well as free spins. All symbols are substituted by the wild symbol.

In addition to the wild card, NetEnt has introduced a re-spin feature whereby a 5 spins bonus is awarded in the case of each re-spin. During the re-spin 2 new symbols open up each time thereby creating more chances of winning if the right combination forms. Also with each re-spin paylines increase too. This means that if the first re-spin gives 100 ways to win then the second one gives a chance of winning in 300 ways and with the third re-spin gives 500. For the fourth re-spin the chances increase enormously and are doubled up value, as do they with the fifth re-spin. Re-spins provide huge opportunities to win big!

Last but not the least the free spins are activated after the fifth re-spin thereby awarding the player with 8 free spin-again chances to win.


NetEnt has undoubtedly worked hard to create a pc and mobile slot game where the player can enjoy opportunities of winning big alongside relishing the playing experience too. When Pigs Fly slot will keep you on your toes and reaching for the stars – why not give it a go now?

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