Wish Upon A Jackpot Slot

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Wish Upon A Jackpot a PC & Mobile Slot Game by Blueprint Gaming – Out Now!


For those of you who grew up reading fairy tales, Wish Upon a Jackpot is a slot machine dream come true. The characters used as symbols in the Wish Upon a Jackpot are fairy tale characters, such as the three little pigs, the gingerbread man and Pinocchio. Other symbols used in the game include a book of fairy tales, a golden slipper, a castle and a harp. You can also hear harp music playing quietly in the background with every spin of the reels.

The background screen you can see during Wish Upon A Jackpot gameplay consists of a magical forest adorned with hanging lamps on both sides of the reels. You will notice that the button you must hit to spin the reels is in the shape of a red apple. The game’s pay table can be viewed by clicking on the pumpkin shaped button.



Normal gameplay often triggers the appearance of the fairy godmother. When she appears on the reels she activates a special spin. You are presented with three bubble orbs and must click on one of them. Choosing an orb reveals a bonus that you’ll get to use. There are five possible bonuses you can get, including Pinocchio, or Puss in Wilds, a fairy spin, or wild reels.

The other method of triggering a bonus is getting at least three of the book of fairytale symbols on the reels within a single spin. When this happens you can choose a book and get to play the bonus assigned to that book.

The bonuses you have to choose from are Rumpelstiltskin’s Deal Maker, the Three Little Pigs, or Rapunzel Free Spins and Jack and the Beanstalk. If you trigger the Rumpelstiltskin’s Deal Maker, you are presented with a contract. The contract either gives you a mystery bonus or a cash prize. You have the option of taking the deal or rejecting it and hoping you are offered another deal?!

Bonus Rounds

The Three Little Pigs Free Spins Bonus involves the pigs climbing a ladder on the Wish Upon A Jackpot slot screen and changing random symbols on the reels into wild symbols. These wild symbols then remain in place until all of the free spins have been completed, unless they are stolen by the big bad wolf. The Rapunzel Free Spins bonus gives you unlimited free spins. During this bonus feature when the symbol of the prince lands on the reels he climbs up a tower. The higher he climbs up the tower the more money you can win. If he makes it to the top of the tower he rescues Rapunzel and you are awarded an even bigger cash prize.

The Jack in the Beanstalk bonus involves Jack moving on the beanstalk. The higher he gets on the beanstalk the higher the multiplier you’re awarded to your cash prize. Every time he takes a step on the beanstalk there is a possibility the bonus round might end. If he makes it to the top of the beanstalk he obtains the golden goose and you can win 1,000 times the amount you bet on the spin that triggered the bonus.

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